Thule Tow Bar Mounted Bike Racks

Loading a bike on to the roof of the car with a roof mounted bike rack

At the BIke Rack Shop, we offer a range of Tow Bar Mounted Bike Racks, to fit all types of tow balls. If your car has a towbar, we’ve got solutions for bikes and other loads as Thule offers an extremely wide range of bike carriers for mounting on a towbar – from simple but secure designs to elegant and advanced transport solutions for up to four bikes. All easy to mount and to store.

Do you want to bring along your bike but your car roof is occupied by a box and a kayak?
A towbar mounted bike carrier is the solution.

Thule XPress 970

Thule XPress 970









Thule HangOn 972









Thule HangOn 9708









Thule 981 Frame Adapter
For bikes with no cross bar.

The 981 - Bike Frame Adapter is a telescopic bike frame adapter which is designed to allow for easy loading onto one of the solid base bike racks to allow the frame grip to attach to non standard framed bikes like ladies and bmx bikes. The 981 - Bike Frame Adapter is the perfect addition to any Thule rack and offers a sturdy and effective grip.






Thule 957 Bolt Lock
For the above bikeracks that use a "bolt on" fitting

The 957 - Tow Bar Carrier Lock is a lightweight locking mechanism which fits all the above bike racks that use a "bolt on" type fitting, to be locked to the tow bar for increased secruity and piece of mind.






Thule VeloCompact 925 Bike Rack









Thule VeloCompact 927 Bike Rack









Thule EuroClassic G6 928 Bike Rack




















Thule EuroClassic G6 929 Bike Rack














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